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Waxing Satellite .❍.

Sound satellites spinning out, we never wane.


“”This here is a track right now called ‘Sleep Forever (Wake Up)’… this goes out to my main man Carl, aka co-host of this radio show right here.” 

The Ambulance – ‘Sleep Forever (Wake Up)
Grape God – ‘Outside the Bodega (feat. Soopah Eype & Ripley Snell)
Tek.lun – ‘EUREKA!
DâM-FunK – ‘Never Gon’ Sell Out, Never Gon’ Sell My Soul
Jonwayne - ‘The Desert (feat. Oliver the 2nd)
Radiohead – ‘Where I End And You Begin (The Sky Is Falling In)’
Photonz – ‘Hashishin
HI-BA-RI - ‘Sub Planet
Omni Trio – ‘Mystic Stepper’
Machine Girl - ‘Ionic Funk (ZSonic Remix)
Amerigo Gazaway – ‘Definition of Infinity (feat. Talib Kweli) (Yasiin Gaye)
Che Fu - ‘The Mish (2)’
Grand Puba - ‘Up And Down’
Repeat Pattern -’From The Sunset
Herbcraft -’Ababa (Edit)
Grape God - ‘Won’t Be
Beginning Of The End - ‘That’s What I Get’
Darondo - ‘Packin’ Up’
NEW-AGE-CAT - ‘Secret Promenade
Al Lover - ‘Shadows
Los Macuanos - ‘El Último Desafío
D’Angelo - ‘Left & Right (Moodprint Remix)’
HANZ – ‘Count

- WS  .❍.

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“Well done, you’ve failed.”

Hello Skinny – ‘Hello Skinny
Mo Kolours – ‘Natural Disasters Wish List
Orchestra of Spheres – ‘Hypercube
Mint Chicks – ‘Enemies’
Baroness – ‘The Gnashing’
Druggy Pizza – ‘Hot Tomato
Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip – ‘The Abstract and the Dragon
OL – ‘Find Me
食品まつり aka foodman - ‘湯楽町(YU-RAKU-CHO)
Atlas Sound – ‘Green Glass Bottles
The Nubian Crackers – ‘Clap Your Hands Everybody’ (ᵮ)
T. Rex – ‘Cosmic Dancer (demo)’
Blahzay Blahzay – ‘Good Cop Bad Cop (Dirty Mix)’ (ᵮ)
Bruce Springsteen – ‘Racing in the Street (‘78)’
Harmonia – ‘Gollum’
The Stepkids – ‘Legend in My Own Mind’
The Last Artful, Dodgr – ‘how many demos do you rip on the daily?
Ghostfunk – ‘Mighty Agho
Hooverphonic – ‘Club Montepluciano (808 State Remix)’
Hello Skinny – ‘Bump

(ᵮ) = Face Value: unheard gems, or duds, you will find out with us…

- WS  .❍.

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“Featuring Yoko Ono, you know.” “Yoko Ono you know no yo no no ono…”

Mo Kolours – ‘Streets Again
Monifah – ‘You’
Mike Bigga (aka. Killer Mike) – ‘Swimming (prod. Flying Lotus)’
Machine Girl – ‘Sneakman (LUVSHØKK3RMIX)
Orelha Negra – ‘M.I.R.I.A.M.’
Beatslave – ‘Eyedrops
The Flaming Lips feat. Yoko Ono – ‘Do It!’
Trian Kayhatu – ‘Toys
Dum Dum Girls – ‘Lord Knows’
Marxman – ‘All About Eve (Nappy Dred Mix)’ (ᵮ)
No Age – ‘Fever Dreaming’
Ben Buford & Truly OdD – ‘X-Cercise-1-2′ (ᵮ)
@peace – ‘Hug Your Mum
Maya Kristalinskaya – ‘U Tebya Takie Glaza (21 Outside Mix)
Eagle Nebula – ‘Call Me Nebs
MGMT – ‘Cool Song No. 2’
Mo Kolours – ‘In Her Eyes (Funk Heart)
Phillip Damien – ‘Sacrifice (feat. Roland Clark)’

(ᵮ) = Face Value: unheard gems, or duds, you will find out with us…

- WS  .❍.

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Hello Skinny
By Hello Skinny
Released on Slowfoot Records

There is so much to like about the grainy combination of loops and killer live instrumentation on this album it’s hard to know where to start. Tom Skinner aka Hello Skinny wears so many hats on this album that if you tried to guess what was coming next you’ll asking to be proven wrong. In fact, I’ve listened to the whole thing at least 5 times now and I’m still caught off guard by where the album goes. It has the kind of loose form at times you would expect from a jam bad or experimental jazz group, but will then devolve into dubbed out effects reminding you that it is just as much a single mans vision.

Between the warm bass and drum-driven tracks like ‘Crush’, the guitar centric instrumentals of ‘Foot Tap’ and ‘Me and My Lady’, and the electrified craziness of afro-beat meets synthesizer tracks like opener ‘Aquarius’ and my personal favourite ‘Bump’. The aforementioned grain on this album is what I think keeps it together and on the same page, and even when you’re thrown a curveball by the release’s eclectic nature it still maintains a familiar sound. As a bonus for anyone who cares it has a track called Hello Skinny, by Hello Skinny, on Hello Skinny (Iron Maiden anyone?).

Listen with headphones, nod your head, stare off into the darkness when you lose your bearings, nod some more when you find them again. Buy it from the Hello Skinny bandcamp, needless to say I’ve got a copy of the 12″ on its way in the mail.

Carl WS .❍.

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“Here he comes….the funky monkey….he’s on his way….”

@peace – ‘Out Dear’
Major Force Five  - ‘Here Comes The Funky Monkey’
Darkstar – ‘You Don’t Need a Weatherman’
Low Leaf + King Britt – ‘A Light Within’
Loose Shus – ‘Featurette’
Husk – ‘Broken Hearts / Where’s Your Head…’
Wooden Shjips – ‘Ghouls’
The Black Angels – ‘Indigo Meadow (Live in San Francisco)’
Vinyl Williams – ‘Object of the Source’ and ‘Inner Space’
The Flaming Lips feat. Lightning Bolt – ‘I’m Working at NASA on Acid’
Snooze – ‘Middle Class Lady (Mr Scruff Mix)’
Salem – ‘Trapdoor’
DJ Rashad x DJ Spinn x Taso – ‘Luchini VIP’
Death Grips – ‘Big House’
仙人掌  prod. CRZKNY – ‘HOODWORK’
The Rapture – ‘Sister Savior (DFA Dub)’

 - WS  .❍.


“Then you’ve got $85,000 for chocolate…and sugar…nothing illicit.”

Jungle – ‘Platoon’
Orchestra of Spheres – ‘Journey’
Rep – ‘Rep Times’
Iggy Pop – ‘Nightclubbing (Live 1977)’
Sabba Rabba – ‘”Mm Hm Hm”‘
The Budos Band – ‘Reppirt Yad’
Beak> – ‘Green Machine’
Crash Course In Science – ‘Flying Turns (J Rocc Edit)’
The Juan MacLean – ‘Dancehall Modulator Dub’
Kan Sano – ‘Everybody Loves the Sunshine’
@peace – ‘Gravity’
Queens D.Light – ‘Everything Special’
Machine Girl – ‘Out By 16, Dead On The Scene’
Moderat – ‘A New Error’
食品まつり aka foodman – ‘TATAKI’
Orchestra Of Spheres – ’2,000,000 Years’
BEAK> – ‘Dursley’
David Byrne and St. Vincent – ‘Road to Nowhere (Live)’
Darondo – ‘Such A Night’
Vic Mensa – ‘Orange Soda’

- WS  .❍.

by Machine Girl
released on Dred Collective in February 2014

Phantasmagoria is Machine Girl’s M.O.
When listening to WLFGRL as a whole, you’ll find yourself careening down a sonically dense, dark hole that intermittently glows with pachinko-esque lights. All the while you aren’t quite sure if the lights are comforting, or if they are perhaps more hostile than the darkness that accompanies the sounds.
And what beautiful sounds they are indeed. The tags found at the bottom the Bandcamp page tell the stories of the influences found in the album, but it’s when they are compounded that they flourish. Tracks like ‘Krystle (URL Cyber Palace Mix)‘ have a Hideki Naganuma/video game music feeling about them. Video game music, but a hardcore juke rendition of the classic video game feel, heavy with amen breaks and gyrating filters. Junglist, acidy synthesizers run rife throughout, though it’s the twinkling, lighter layers that float around these that lift the whole record up and out. Ginger Snap samples also litter the album, taking a psychically dark spirit of the work to a more horror-ific plane, while also extending its visual reach.
Listening to WLFGRL three times in succession can lead to cerebral incertitude. Try not to be too scared.

In the end the wondrous sensory barraging becomes a paranormal gush that you have to just roll with. Dance, if that’s what feels right. Otherwise just lay down, let it all run over you, and be thankful that eight minutes of ‘Hidden Power (Phase δ)‘ comes after five minutes of ‘Excruciating Deth (Phase γ)‘.

Get bit.

- br_dge WS .❍.

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