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Waxing Satellite .❍.

Sound satellites spinning out, we never wane.

Waxing Satellite .❍. Radio Show 3614 by Waxing Satellite .❍. on Mixcloud


“Going by last week, and not having put up last week’s podcast – I can’t promise anything…”

Dan Shake – ‘Thinkin
Nikes – ‘Elevated
Hanali – ‘10 Years Or 100 Years
Queens D. Light – ‘California Wildflower
Jeremiah Jae – ‘The Heat
New Flavour Unit – ‘Disco Diamonds
Grape God – ‘MURK TRONUGUT (feat. Blossom & Uno)
Assault Suits – ‘Statue Cathalogue (It Finds Its Own Uses)
OVVL – ‘Icewolf Awakening
Queens D. Light – ‘Supreme Flavors
Winnie Runnells – ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is’ (ᵮ)
Spooks – ‘Swindley’s Maracas’ (ᵮ)
The Icypoles – ‘Babies
Warpaint – ‘Disco//very (Richard Norris Remix)’
食品まつり aka foodman – ‘Beats ahe ahe
Crocodiles – ‘Mirrors (Tom Furse Remix)’
HANZ – ‘Rust (Homage)
LCD Soundsystem – ‘Beat Connection (Disco Dub Version)’

(ᵮ) = Face Value: unheard gems, or duds, you will find out with us…


{D/L of WS .❍. Radio Show 3614}


- WS  .❍.

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Flying Lotus has released a more taunting, albeit juicer, soupçon of the afterlife/his forthcoming album You’re Dead!.

The sumptuous video, drawn by Shintaro Kago and animated by Brainfeeder’s own Strangeloop, is all you could hope from a brief taste of a “shamanic pilgrimage into the psychedelic unknown of the infinite afterlife”, and all at beyond-bop speed.

Flylo’s official Tumblr has more visual dead(!)-ness for you, should you possibly need more. Which you should. Exploring post-mortality is what we’re all here for after all.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 2.40.43 pm

You’re Dead! is out October 6/7 on Warp – if you’re still around then. 

- br_dge WS .❍.

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Wayniac Mondays are already three glorious weeks in, and I’ve started thinking children should be reading/listening to Jonwayne’s word as part of their literature quota each week in school.
I mean new works every week? Just in time for the start of the week?
I think the dude and Stones Throw are onto something there.

Anyways this week’s ‘Echoes’ carries on this proud tradition of wondrous quality.


And Gangster Doodles’ covers continue to be elegant.

(Also, catch Jon’s Doom-laden Special Herbs Medley from earlier last month for bonus groove times.) And tune in next Mon… etc. etc.

- br_dge WS .❍.

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WARM, a side-project of WS favourite Gap Dream (aka Gabriel Fulvimar) is essentially an example of top notch synth nerdery. Fulvimar’s latest WARM release, Low Frequency Dude (He’s A) features everything you could ever ask for to that effect: he arpeggiates, oscillates, modulates delays and freaks out. It even gets a bit krauty with some live drums on tracks like ‘My Body’, which sees some serious filter action.


I don’t really have much more to say about it, it’s just really really rad and satisfying to listen to. ‘Some Have It, Some Don’t’ in particular is a track which warms (ha) my heart.

 - CARL WS  .❍.

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Count Bass D – the man with a flow like smoked butter – took his journey to Cologne and has bubbled back out with an EP of consummate material for all the heads. Recorded during a two week stint in and out of Treehouse Studio with Twit One, Retrogott and Lazy Jones, the record is a true session inside a critical craft.

“My music is introverted, so it doesn’t matter if I decide move to Cologne or if I lived in Indonesia…” (Count Bass D)

Most certainly peep this splash! Mag short documentary that was filmed alongside the recording time. The Count discusses rap music’s move into sound design and the contemporary quandary of using a laptop and software like an instrument (“By the time that they start to get familiar and comfortable with it – the new update comes out… More people are more concerned with workflow than they are with the actual music…”), hip-hop culture as religion and its relationship with modern rap.


Orders for the record are going from the Melting Pot Music online store right now, so go on ’n get it.

 - br_dge WS .❍.


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Waves of The Evernow, by Solaris is the album I’m always hoping to find while wading through show tunes, classical, and garish religious albums at my local church opportunity shops. Something so far out from a local church shop – such a beauty would surely hover out for your fingers as you see one another for the first time, willing you to whisk it away and re-enter it into the light (or perhaps the confines of your dark listening room).

Check that tracklist, good god…

1. ‘Solar Winds + The Waves Of The Evernow’
2. ‘Star Creeper’
3. ‘Hour Of The Wolf’
4. ‘Process Sonic Rebirth’
5. ‘Alien Intrusion’

All parts American kosmische, deeply drenched discordant effects, and loping and tumbling prog-infested wizardry, Solaris’ collision of drums, farfisa and guitar could only have come from an Amon Düül-addled band that recorded the album in a room with “two coloured light bulbs hung from the ceiling, one representing the red universe, the other the blue universe.” Yessus.

A major thank you to Numero Group for liberating such a dense release. Physical copies are limited to 500 pieces, from their web-store only. I will indeed be doing my very best to get this slice of space glory on wax pronto.
All I can do now is urge you to take a long form listen, wax or otherwise, in that aforementioned dark listening room…


 - br_dge WS .❍.

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Disco Diamonds
By New Flavour Unit
Released on Wee Wah Recordings

“Getting real high
make you feel nice
Motherfucker I’m freeze-dried
feel like I was deep fried
like three times, man, I’m crispy shit
like fucking fish and chips…”
(Disco Diamonds)

From the opening seconds of ‘Jive‘ one’s only destiny is to hang inside the fresh wrappings of New Flavour Unit and be fed crystalline crunch. It is beautiful, low-down grease – but forget your previous familiarity with grease – this is high class. Shining, shimmering, shaking.

Headily selected samples tracks hover in and outside of the mix, a sanctioned seasoning of recognition. These track extracts provide a brief connections to the world outside, but other than this it’s the Unit’s lines that dig deep into your ear, nose and throat. NFU’s use of repetition is soporific, you’ll find yourself riding with the tracks long after they roll out.

These diamonds scintillate in a way that you can’t see with your eyes, so go get that soy, boiiii and eat it all up with your shutters shut. This is slowlife at its finest.

(Before the release of Disco Diamonds Wee Wah Recordings let out a wondrous sequence of releases, including the Mirrors Up EP, featuring remixes from Auckland’s Tawahinga and Stockholm’s Las Lou – and Lobstershiit, three tracks of prime delectables.)

- br_dge WS .❍.

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