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by Hanz
released independently in August 2013

Just when you thought you knew all ’bout Georgia…
As a collection, the tracks of A BRIEF GUIDE feel like a giant, yet indistinct mass, rolling forward phlegmatically. This breadth of sounds leaves a feeling of total abstraction – in that while you may roll alongside this work it is difficult to not get caught out by its persistent reconstructions.
Stupefying bass synthesisers are pounced upon by stark, dry samples of voices, breaks, birds and even barks.
This is progressive sound collage for the new beat generation.
Though unlike many others of the instrumental tip, Hanz (mercifully) lets the tracks on A BRIEF GUIDE extend out into five, seven and even seventeen minute excursions – clocking out at nearly an hour in length and challenging our impression of what an EP/beat-tape/album exactly is.

If something of an enlightened, sonic lorem ipsum is what you need – here is Hanz.  Hear, hear.

– br_dge WS .❍.

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